Throughout the ages, microorganisms and aquatic plants have purified water from human sewage by feeding on different substances. In ACT® these natural processes are utilized to the maximum, making the technology just as reliable as it is modern.

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ACT® also takes care of pharmaceutical residues

ACT® has an outstanding ability to take care of unwanted substances. Tests carried out by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute show that ACT® purifies the water from pharmaceutical residues better than average municipal water treatment plants. In ACT® we can also recycle important nutrients, making them available as fertilizers.

All users, from small households to large facilities such as hotels, benefit from using ACT®. It can easily be upgraded to manage larger loads of sewage or higher treatment requirements.

Robust biological processes – low maintenance

Based on natural processes, ACT® requires minimal maintenance and no supply of chemicals which saves you both time and money. Thanks to our unique sludge degrading system regular sludge removals are not necessary.

The microorganisms and plants adapt naturally to a variation of conditions and therefore manage varieties in wastewater loads.

Three reasons why ACT® is the sustainable choice for your household

✔ Thanks to its low operating costs and long lifetime, ACT® is economical in the long-run.

✔ The value of your property increases with a sustainable bio-treatment plant.

✔ No costly chemicals or service needed.