Framtidens tvättstuga hos MKB

ACT Natural installed at environment-friendly laundry facilityACT Natural står för reningen i MKB’s nya ekologiska tvättstuga

Åse Dannestam at MKB (Malmoe Municipal Housing Company) proudly presents their new, enviroment-friendly laundry facility. “This laundry facility is flexible, improves social possibilities and is foremost based on ecological principles.” The wastewater is treated biologically in an ACT Natural system delivered by Alnarp Cleanwater. View enclosed article from “Vårt Malmö” page 18 Åse Dannestam inviger […]

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Associate Professor Malin Hultberg joins Alnarp Cleanwater as Research ManagerDocent Malin Hultberg tillträder som forskningsansvarig

As from Jan 01, 2011, Malin Hultberg is appointed Research Manager at ACT. Malin Hultberg earned her PhD at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) in 1999. In 2010 she earned her Assoc Prof title, also at SLU. Ms Hultberg will continue her postdoc research assignements at SLU in parallel with her work for ACT.Från […]

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