About us

Alnarp Cleanwater was founded with the aim to develop and commercialize a functioning system based on nature’s own way of treating wastewater.

Our mission
For the global market, to develop, market and maintain decentralized wastewater treatment systems based on a unique implementation of nature’s own way of taking care of sewage.

Our vision
Through our recycling-based technology, we want to be a leading force in improving the status of the world’s water resources and at the same time contribute to an increased biodiversity.

Our core values
As a company we believe that it is important to be supported by some basic values. The core values that we want our company and our products, systems and services to be characterized by are:

  • Natural – We believe that it is important to act in harmony with nature. To work with natural solutions increases the likelihood that the solutions will be sustainable.
  • Sustainable – Everything we do must be sustainable. We humans often “solve” our problems in a way that creates new problems. And so we try to solve this new problem, etc. Within ACT, we believe that we must focus on the causes of the problems as far as possible, rather than treating the symptoms. This is the only way to achieve the right conditions for long-term sustainability in harmony with the natural ecosystems.
  • Transparent – We want to be open and clear about what we do and what we stand for. It should be easy to be both a customer and a supplier to ACT and we want to avoid the emergence of any negative surprises.

Behind Alnarp Cleanwater Technology stand about 15 shareholders, mostly private persons, who have different types of competence; environmental specialists, industry people, marketers, consultants, etc: A combination of individuals with the common goal of offering the market a more intelligent way to purify wastewater, both in Sweden and internationally.

Board and Management

Chairman Alexandra Mörner 

Board member Magnus Dahlström – MBA from Lund University (LU) 1974. Have held various management positions with international responsibilities within the Alfa Laval, Tetra Laval Food och Tetra Pak groups during totally 33 yrs. Based in Sweden, US and Switzerland he has managed mainly Human Resource related functions, but also Marketing, Product Management and Communication. Member of Tetra Pak’s Global Leadership Team 2003 through 2007 with responsibility for HR and in parallel responsible for HR issues within the Tetra Laval group reporting directly to the Chairman of the supervisory board. Since 2008 running an independent consultancy business focused on Leadership and Team development and in parallel active as investor and also serves on the board in several smaller companies.

Board member Carl Foung – Degree in Business Administration at Lund University (LU). Worked 1972-1989 at LU, inter alia as administrative officer at the Institute of Technology (LTH). During 89-93, Project Director and vCEO of Lidaris AB, with activity in Europe. One of the initiators of the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University and in its management during the construction of the business. Recently retired (2012) from the Development Director post of the Institute. Member of several corporate boards.

Board member Göran Garberg – Holds an MBA from The Stockholm School of Economics, an entrepreneur. Has founded and operated Garbergs Advertising Agency in 85-97 (one of Sweden’s five best since 1990 – ). Started Corporate Missions Inc., management consultants in brand-driven business development and later United Space Network Offices Inc. in Stockholm, a new type of office arena with a focus on networking and learning.

Board member Yngve Svensson – Engineer (electrical / telecommunications) and MBA (LU). Has a long experience from leading positions in Swedish industry with an international focus. Has held assignments as Division Manager at ABB Network Control, Business Area Manager at Celemi and the last 10 years as CEO of SCAN COIN Europe Inc. with responsibility for 13 European subsidiaries, of which several have been started and built up during his time as manager.

CEO Susanne Gabrielson – Master’s degree in International Finance, University of Lund and University of Konstanz, Germany. Previous employment: 14 years with ABB in Västerås as Operational Manager for international turnkey projects within ABB Network, specializing in deliveries of Smart Grids. Before that several years as Project Manager for the same kind of turn key projects to Power Companies in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malawi and Dubai. Started as Trainee and Divisional Controller within ABB.

Research Manager Malin Hultberg – Malin Hultberg earned her PhD at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) in 1999. In 2010 she earned her Assoc Prof title, also at SLU. Thanks to her work for SLU and others, Ms Hultberg has earned several years of experince within the field of biology, something that will benefit ACT considerably. Ms Hultberg shares her time between postdoc research assignements at SLU and her work for ACT.

Research Manager – Ecology and Hydraulics Hristina Bodin – Hristina Bodin has a M.Sc. in Environmental Science with a specialization from the University of Lund towards water management. In 2007 she was awarded the degree of Licentiate of Philosophy with the thesis “Treatment wetlands in a tropical climate” at Linköping University.  Soon she will present her doctoral thesis “Approaches for improving pollutant removal in treatment wetlands-effects of vegetation and hydraulics. She shares her time between Alnarp Cleawater Technology, research at Linköping University and teaching at the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU).