The first and most important thing is to plan the installation well before the work begins. Follow these guidelines to get a good start.

Ground and excavation works

  • Plan to achieve natural fall from the sewer outlet in the house to the inlet of ProACT™ (approx. 0,5-1 cm/m).
  • InterACT ™ must be located at a higher level than ProACT to ensure that the wastewater pumped to InterACT™ will not stay in the tube when the pumping sequence ends. The water will instead flow back into ProACT™ to avoid the risk of freezing. The level difference should be from 0.3 to 2.0 meters.
  • If possible, the outlet from the InterACT ™ should be arranged so that the water flows with gravity to ReACT and thereafter for example out in a stream or drainage pipe.
  • Think carefully about where to place the effluent from ACT™; should the water be infiltrated locally, should it be led to a pond or local stream, or are there other possibilities?
  • ProACT™ needs to be completely buried so that only the lid is visible above ground level.
  • InterACT™ should be located at such depth that the top ends up approximately 20 cm above ground level.
  • Both ProACT™ and InterACT™ consist of cylindrical tanks measuring 2 meter in diameter and 2,8 vs 2 m in depth. It is therefore important to prepare the ground under the tanks in such a way that it can bear the total weight of system without risking subsidence.

HVAC works
All tubing from the house to the system and between different parts of the system can be performed with standard plumbing components (consult your plumber).

If existing sewer pipes from the house to ACT Natural™ are to be used, the quality of these should be controlled. Not only because wastewater may leak out uncontrollably from such pipes, but more importantly because rain water and ground water can leak in through old/bad pipes and thereby cause volume overload of the treatment system (ACT cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for consequences of such overloads in the system).

Electrical wiring
A micro-computer controls and monitors the ACT Natural™ system. From this box cables are connected to the air pump, the water pump and the water level meter. In case of long distances from the house to ACT™, it is possible to install the microcomputer next to the system. In this case only one cable (5G1.5) will be required from the main electric board in the house to the microcomputer.

A small alarm lamp shall be mounted at an appropriate location in or outside the house where it can be seen daily. This shall be connected so that the alarm is fed from another fuse (preferably another line) in the distribution box than the one supplying the microcomputer (to ensure that an alarm is generated in case of power supply failure).